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  • Customized merch - color, layout, etc.
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Merch for Your Show.

Show Merch make for a great keepsake for your cast and crew.  Students and cast members will love wearing their shirts, using their stickers, putting on their buttons, etc. to promote your show and remember being part of a fun production!


Merch can be personalized with your school or theatre name, dates and much more! Let us know exactly what you want on your merch and we can get it on!


Selling merch for your show can bring in extra money for your production! The more merch you order the cheaper each piece costs.  When you sell your merch for more than we charge you - you make money! It's that simple!

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Get a quote for your merch NOW online. When you order with us you get a ShowMerch Expert to help you through the entire process - from design to shipping! We will help you to handle it all! You could have your merch order site up and running in just a few days!

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