We take your deadlines very seriously.

We know you might have a play to publicize or fundraisers to promote. Our very first customers were busy high school clubs—we fully understand that receiving custom-printed orders on time is nonnegotiable.

Attention to detail.

Once you've worked with our ShowMerch Expert and approved your design, our graphic artists ensure your design appears at its very best. We'll keep a careful eye out for potential printing errors and strive to improve the print quality of your shirts.

Quality printing.

We're detail-oriented and committed to giving you exactly what you designed. Throughout our years in business, we've been committed to ensuring errors are few and far between.



We want you to know what we're doing. If you call us at any time, we'll have information about your order ready for you. If we spot a misaligned letter or other potential printing errors that require adjustments to your design, we'll send you a design proof before printing. And if you have a question about how your design will look when printed, we'll give you honest, constructive feedback.

Communication at every step of the way.

Even though the printing process is complex, we want to keep you informed every step of the way. For each order, you'll receive notifications for: confirmation of the order, order approval, potential order concerns (if any), artwork proof and verification, and delivery confirmation. You will also be able to login to your account to see exactly where we are in the process.


No unnecessary mark-ups.

We offer the lowest prices available. To ensure our affordability, we conduct regular surveys of our competitors both on- and offline. We're dedicated to spending our time and financial resources on what matters most: attractive merch at attractive prices.

A simple, yet powerful design experience.

We make customizing your shirts easy. With our ShowMerch Experts, you're able to add fonts, insert logos, upload your own image, and if you're not completely satisfied, you're even able to completely redesign your merch and start over. We never print merch until you have approved the final design.